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WhatsApp is growing in popularity and the developers are continuously improving it in order to keep up the pace with other rival applications. Ever since it was purchased by Facebook, WhatsApp went through many changes, it received new features that users have appreciated, but some of them have never been used. In this article we’ll talk about the less used features that you’d surely find very useful.

Edit Picture Messages

Did you know that now you can doodle on pictures and edit them before you send them to your friends? Open a conversation, tap the camera icon and from the gallery select the image you want to edit. At the top right of the display you’ll see new icons, and you’ll have the option to crop the image, add a sticker, text or draw a doodle. After you’re done editing the image, send it to your friend.

Send Animated GIFs

Besides simple images, you can send animated GIFs, but only in iOS. If your friends have an Android device, they won’t be able to reply with a GIF, but at least they will view them. So, to send a GIF, you will need to press the plus icon, then Photo and Video Library. The selected video must be up to six seconds long, but at the same time, you can choose to send a Live photo from your Camera Roll, or copy and paste a GIF from Giphy.

Tag Friends in WhatsApp Messages

This can be done by simply typing @ in front of the name of your friends, in order to get their attention.

Add Formatting to Messages

You have the option to add bold (by adding asterisks to either side of the text), italicized (add underscores to either side of the text), strikethrough (add tildes either side of the text) formatting to your messages.

Hide “Last Seen”

If you don’t want your stalkers to know that you were online, hide “Last Seen” timestamp by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen Timestamp and select “Nobody”. Now, you will log into your account and check your messages without having to deal with impulsive friends who bore you to death.

Disable Read Receipts

Another feature that should be disabled for your own good is Read Receipts, which informs your friends that you’ve read their messages. So, you can check their messages without replying back and giving any explanation why you ignored them. Disable Read Receipts by going to Settings > Account > Privacy and turn off the “Read Receipts” option.