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There are so many messaging apps available for people to use, which makes it difficult for them to decide which app would be best for them. If you’ve not tried WhatsApp, you may want to consider it.

Facebook attained it back in 2014, for the price of nearly $19 billion. And, if that’s not enough, WhatsApp developers release multiple updates on a regular basis to improve its services and offer new features.

What’s The Latest Update From WhatsApp Developers?

WhatsApp recently released its 2.16.382 version. Bear in mind that downloading it from the Play Store means you need nearly 18MB of free space on your phone to install it. The new version has an array of features to it such as the long-anticipated WhatsApp Video Calling feature. It’s a free app and can be used anytime an internet connection is present. But, be mindful that the app is free… you may still be charged for data.

The video calling feature lets you make video calls to people who also have the WhatsApp app installed. This allows you to see them while you talk to them. The calls will feel more personal because you actually see how a person reacts when you’re talking.

Besides the video calling feature, there’s also two other features available to users – they can send and get GIFs and play videos immediately without waiting for the download to complete.  There have been an array of exciting new features from WhatsApp developers like the sending and receiving of audio, video and image files, and sending emojis to connect with family and friends.