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The WhatsApp application has over 1 billion monthly active users and this makes it one of the most used mobile messaging applications out there. However, popularity comes with a price and it’s not that easy for the developers, because they need to continuously work on this application in order to fix all the old and new issues that appear over the night.

Today we will talk about the latest WhatsApp version that has been released for Android devices and how you can install it on your smartphone. First of all, the latest WhatsApp BETA version for Android OS is 2.17.14. Unfortunately, the new version of WhatsApp doesn’t contain new features and options, but it fixes some of the problems that the developers have found in the previous version of the application.

After the Video Calling feature was released for the WhatsApp application, some new rumors were suggesting that the developers will take this feature to a new level, by bringing “Video Conference” and allowing users to make calls to 2 or more persons at the same time. This new feature will be great especially if you have common friends or many family members on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp 2.17.14 BETA: How To Install On Your Android Device

The WhatsApp 2.17.14 BETA can be downloaded and installed on your Android handset directly from the Google Play Store. However, first, you will need to become a WhatsApp BETA Tester on the official Android store. So, open Google Play Store webpage and tap on the “BECOME A TESTER” button. After doing this, you will just need to open the official Android store, search for WhatsApp 2.17.14 BETA and tap the “Install” button to start the installation process.

Do you think that the developers will bring the “Video Conference” feature on the WhatsApp application in the near future?