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We all know that the release of The Sims 5 won’t happen for quite some time. However, fans of the video game franchise can take consolation in the fact that a new DLC will be released for The Sims 4.

The fourth installment in The Sims franchise has received mixed reviews, and there were rumors of sales going down from last year. Electronic Arts (EA), the game’s publisher, strives to solve these problems by releasing additional content on a regular basis. The latest DLC was the Holiday Celebration Pack, which was released to players for free on December 16 and brought about winter outfits and holiday decorations.

The next DLC will reportedly be the total opposite of the Holiday Celebration Pack. In contrast with December’s cheerful Yuletide mood, the upcoming additional content will focus on a darker and more sinister character: vampires.

Data miners discovered the game codes for this upcoming DLC, and the details they’ve unearthed will surely excite gamers. A Vampire character — which will reportedly have a vampire walk, vampire teeth, and other creepy attributes — is rumored to be added to the game. The Vampire can disguise itself as a human (an ability shared by The Sim’s alien’s characters) and will have supernatural powers. These powers will reportedly be linked to a perk system that will allow players to earn points, which they can then use to purchase abilities and boosts through the “Occult Powers Panel”.

Aside from the new character, the upcoming DLC has other surprises in store. Data miners have discovered a “Gravestone” object, which may mean that each vampire has his or her own gravestone. A new world, which has been code-named “Eerie Destination”, might also be added to The Sims 4 map.

EA has partially confirmed these rumors when it released its first quarterly teaser video for 2017. The 13-second video showed a male Sim and a female Sim talking in what seemed like a cemetery, complete with gravestones and a weird-looking plant. The female Sim then turned into a bat, scaring her friend. These prove that 1) vampire Sims are indeed coming to the game through the upcoming game pack, 2) they can turn into bats, and 3) we can expect to see a spooky cemetery-inspired world that may feature new plants.

Aside from confirming the vampire-themed game pack, EA’s teaser video also showed that an upcoming new stuff pack that seems to be bowling-themed. This is evidenced by the video, which showed a male Sim and his friends hanging out in what seemed like a bowling alley — with a rack of bowling balls just off to the side.

The teaser video reveals that the new game pack will be released in winter, while the new stuff pack will be rolled out in spring. This can mean that we’ll see vampires in The Sims 4 within the first quarter of the year and get access to bowling-related stuff within the second quarter.

These new DLCs are a huge consolation to fans, who now have something exciting to look forward to while waiting for The Sims 5 to be announced. According to rumors, the fifth installment of the game will reportedly have virtual reality features, although this hasn’t been confirmed by EA.