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There are many things that people tend to get used to over the years, and each time we swap calendars, we expect these things to occur at some point. Such things are Christmas, the SuperBowl and the never ending rivalry between Samsung and Apple. The two manufacturers have returned stronger than ever as they have announced their newest flagships for 2017. The Galaxy S8 will be facing Apple’s iPhone 8 this year, and many are curious as to which device will take the cake this time. While it’s way too soon to about a ribbon on either handset, we can sure speculate a bit given the current details that we have on the two.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The latest Samsung flagship will feature the Snapdragon 835 processing unit which is Qualcomm’s crown jewel, and a stunning 6 GB of RAM. There are also talks of an improved version of last years 12 MP camera that was found on the S7 Edge, and one of the most drastic details could be the limitation to 5 inches, as rumors have it. Whether we’re talking about screen sizes or total phone size, it’s still a step down from the sizes usually practice, although it’s most likely the former.

Apple iPhone 8

On the other side, Apple is preparing its latest handset which is said to come with similar feature as iPhone 7 in terms of aesthetics and design. Among the display speculations, we count the inclusion of AMOLED technology for the screen and the possibility of seeing a dual edge display for Apple’s 8th iPhone. A dual camera will most likely be present on the setup, and many changes to the unit’s speed and charging capabilities are to be put in place.

As you can see there isn’t much to go on just yet, but soon enough we should be swimming in details about both handsets and why they bring to the table.