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Jailbreaking tool fans are anxiously awaiting for Pangu, a Chinese hacking team, to release its iOS 10 jailbreaking tool. According to various reports, the team is on its way to making dreams come true.  Why are people so interested in getting a jailbreaking tool though? It’s because it allows them to install apps Apple isn’t offering.

Apple knows independent developers are working hard to hack the new OS, which is why the company is constantly offering up security updates to the iOS 10 firmware. Pangu is set to offer a new jailbreaking tool relatively soon, but Apple is also looking to update its firmware to 10.2, which means any phones that upgrade to 10.2 won’t be able to use Pangu’s jailbreaking tool.

Apple’s iOS 10.2 will mainly fix bugs. It appears Pangu may be waiting for Apple to release its iOS update so they can release their jailbreaking tool too. It would mean Apple would be unable to offer a security patch right away, so users would be able to use their tool.

Apple has repeatedly said the iOS 10 firmware is their most secure operating system to date, but there have been rumors that several developers have found a breach in its security. There may have been a jailbreaking tool for the 10.1.1 OS with the iPhone 7, but there’s been no actual proof of this.

Pangu is regarded as the more apt jailbreaking tool development team, mainly because it’s been able to circumvent Apple’s OS firmware in the past. Chances are it’ll develop another jailbreaking tool shortly. Pangu’s most recent tool is for the iOS 9.3 firmware, which you can find on their website.

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