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It’s no secret that a lot of iPhone users like to jailbreak their devices in order to get access to more features and services that would otherwise be unavailable. The most popular of the perks that become available once your phone is jailbroken has to be Cydia. In this article we’ll take a look at some tweaks for jailbroken phones that you can use with Cydia. That being said, let’s see what these tweaks are.


Some are unsatisfied with the amount of color they get on their phone’s background when using the 3D Touch feature for applications. Once the background blur makes an appearance, you can make it sport  more color by using this tweak which can be obtained free through the BigBoss Repo. It is worth noting that just the background blur will be altered and not the menu itself.


Through this tweak, iPhone users can achieve something Android users have unlimited access to, although in a slightly different mannet. To elaborate a bit, we’re talking about the phone’s background image. Everyone enjoys a cool wallpaper on the phone’s background but on iOS devices that background image is usually hard to see due to all the app icons that sit on top of it. With this tweak you can make it so that app icons and such fade out and show more of that sweet wallpaper you just set. This setting will only take effect as long as the phone is iddle and will return to normal once the phone is used again.

Apps Manager

This tweak gives users ultimate power over their own device’s data. What that means is that you will be able to backup, export, restore and otherwise manipulate data on the device in any way you see fit. And you know what the best part is? It has been updates so that it is compatible with the Jailbreak solution recently provided by Luca Todesco for iOS10 and iOS 10.1.

iCleaner Pro Beta

Another iOS 10 Jailbreak compatible tweak, this one helps you get rid of junk laying around in your phone that you have no use for. It is efficient in removing such inconveniences and thus makes for a great addition.

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