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For some, the update happening to Minecraft is just a small update. In fact, there is nothing so exciting about the 1.11.2 update, with just the elimination of some noted bugs and crash bugs.

Basically, the latest version of Minecraft was intended to fix some bugs. This is also with the introduction of some other features, which were just in time for the holidays. Such would include the following:

  • Addition of Rocket-Propelled Elytra Flight;
  • Iron Nuggets have been added;
  • Addition of Sweeping Edge Enchantment for swords; and
  • Attack indicator has been changed to hint when planning to attack.

Minecraft for Android

The essence of Minecraft is all about placing blocks in order to build things, then going on with some adventurous journeys. In the Pocket Edition update, it includes random generated worlds, Wi-Fi Network multiplayer environment, and Survival and Creative modes. Additionally, it is possible to craft and create together with your friends all over the world.

Based on the most recent update, Minecraft has added some iconic Creepers. Basically, they are big, mean, green, and capable of exploding. Since the introduction of the game, many features have been added, including the food, swords, bows, skeletons, chests, beds, paintings, and spiders, among others.

Minecraft for iOS

As a universal app, Minecraft for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones has worked constantly to evolve via free updates. In the Pocket Edition, there are randomly generated worlds, Survival and Creative modes, and multiplayer options over a local Wi-Fi network. Minecraft for iOS has been updated for iPhone 5, which include widescreen display support.

Updating Minecraft can be possible by starting the app launcher. Then, you have to click Options next to the username textbox. You need to click the Force Update on the Launcher Options window. After clicking Done, you can now login with your Minecraft credentials. Thus, the app will begin updating itself.