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If you’ve ever owned a computer, then you are surely accustomed with Microsoft’s Office suite. The Office bundle allows you to create, manipulate and share documents, charts, and overall data thus improving work productivity. As with a lot of other services, Microsoft has a beta testing platform for its Office suite as well.

Called the Microsoft Office Insider program, this testing platform allows curious people to try out the latest features before they get released to live. Since its inception in 2015, the Microsoft Office Insider program started featuring multiple platforms. Originally available on Windows, it soon became available for Mac OS users as well, followed by mobile platforms. So far, Google’s Android and Windows 10 Mobile from Microsoft itself are the only ones that have access to it.

As some might have observed, Apple’s iOS platform was absent. That won’t be the case any longer as Microsoft has recently announced that all iOS devices will have access to the Office Insider program, which can only please the Apple customers that also work with Microsoft’s suite.

Those wanting to test Office features on the Insider platform for iOS devices will only have access to the Fast Ring. For those that are not accustomed to how Microsoft’s Insider programs work, the Fast Ring is kind of like the first phase where all the latest features and changes are available, but there are also more bugs and issues. Once those are filtered some more, the build makes its way to the Slow Ring which is more on par with what the final release build is going to look like.

Even thought there will be a fair share of bugs, it’s still an opportunity for iOS users to test out whatever Microsoft is planning for the next Office updates.  But how can Microsoft fit all those users? The answer is fairly simple. Inactive users usually get kicked out of the Insider program thus making room for new recruits.