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BioWare has released a new Andromeda Initiative video, which will surely please many fans of this upcoming sci-fi RPG game. The new video is titled Tempest and Nomad Briefing and it’s the third video released in the Andromeda Initiative’s series. The series contains a number of six trailers, which will give the fans of the game some information regarding the brand new galaxy that they will be able to explore.

In the trailer, you are able to see the interiors and the features of the Tempest, which, according to BioWare, is the fastest ship of its class. Unfortunately, the ship doesn’t come with heavy armor or a main gun, and BioWare claims that other ships will have a hard time finding you.

Mike Gamble, the producer of the series, has mentioned that “Nomad”, the new drivable car that comes with this new ship, “handles better, drivers better, cascades better” and has the same amount of power as Mako.

The players that will watch all the six Andromeda Initiative briefing videos and complete the training will be able to unlock an exclusive Pathfinder-Grade helmet in the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda game.

Ian Frazier, the lead designer of the game, has already teased that BioWare will release details about Andromeda’s multiplayer BETA test before the end of January 2017. Aaryn Flynn, the studio general manager, has mentioned that the minimum requirements of the PC specifications will be released sometime in February 2017.

Below you can watch the third video released in the Andromeda Initiative’s series:

Mass Effect Andromeda is expected to be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on March 21, 2017. However, before that date, we can expect some BETA tests where the fans will be able to check out this upcoming game.

If there will be an OPEN BETA testing for Mass Effect Andromeda will you want to join it? Tell us your thoughts about this upcoming sci-fi RPG game!