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Apple, just like pretty much any company of its stature, has beta trials for each build of any particular software that it puts out. Users love beta testing because it gives them a chance to try all the latest features before they are implemented in the live version. More than that, they give feedback and they have direct impact on what happens to the features that were submitted for testing. Speaking of beta builds, Apple has commences the 3rd and 2dn phase respectively for multiple Apple platform beta builds.

To be a little more specific, Apple gave developers the third beta phase for the 10.2.1 build of iOS, and the second phase for tvOS 10.1.1 and watchOS 3.1.3. The current live version of iOS is 10.2 so the 10.2.1 update won’t be anything dramatic. Since it’s such a minor update it will focus mostly on improving functionality and removing bugs. The previous update, 10.2, featured several new implementations such as new emoji sets and new wallpapers. There was also an app for TV and some new effects and options for the iOS messaging app.

Even though this third beta phase for update 10.2.1 has just started for developers, many believe that next week will bring a new major update in the form of 10.3. Of course, it will be implemented as a beta build in the beginning, but rumored features such as a toggleble Theater make users anxiously await more information about what Apple is planning.

Not many are known so far about the upcoming iOS changes, but the good news is that Apple is constantly moving forward and brings out not only new updates but also beta runs. Some might remember that it was a seventh beta phase for update 10.2 that caused famed jailbreakers Pangu to be unable to provide a Jailbreak solution for the new build and thus dropping out.

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