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Since 2015, there have been reports on GTA 6 in the works but going on to the third year since the rumors, GTA 5 Online DLC has no story yet but there have been a new roll out dubbed as Vendetta Vehicle.

So what is the real score on a GTA 6 release?

Developer Rockstar spent millions of dollars on GTA 5 and not to ignore the time consumed to come up with the 5th installment. This might be one of the reasons for the postponement of the next offering. Moreover, there have been ongoing rumors on the development status of GTA 5 Online DLC and for GTA 6. In the past year, all have been talks and hints on what to expect from the popular video game.

The most talked about rumor is on how busy Rockstar is with planning a GTA 6 that is VR-compatible. This is said to be the main reason of the delay. If this is the case, then fans might just wait for the huge release. In the meantime, they can just make with the current installment. It was in 2015 when GTA 5 was released and if speculators are correct, fans should expect the next Grand Theft Auto installment in 2018 or 2019.

Another interesting rumor is about a major change in the Rockstar franchise. This is having a female protagonist in GTA 6. This is a sort of redemption for the developer after earning so much flak on how women were portrayed in GTA 5.

However, some were also ready to ditch the idea, saying that the focus of Rockstar is more on incorporating VR support, more than anything. But everything will all be a surprise since no one really knows for sure what developments will arise.

In the meantime, here are some are more of the possible GTA 6 release updates.