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It’s been a little more than a week now since Adobe released another update to its once-popular Adobe Flash Player. The release – version – was a bit of a surprise to users. The update was released for all operating software – Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Mac OS.

According to Adobe Systems, the update for both Flash Player and AIR includes new features, security updates and bug patches.

Linux users are certainly celebrating since the Flash Player is the newest version for the GNU/Linux distributions – and the update is already available in the Arch stable release mines. The latest update applies to the following:

  • Chromium (PPAPI)
  • Flash Player for ChromeOS
  • Flash Player Linux For Google Chrome
  • Flash Player Linux for Firefox (NPAPI)

The update is the same for systems running MacOS.

Back in August, the company had an update to its beta channel with Linux NPAPI Flash Player. Until then, the only version that was available was the four-year-old 11.2. If updates were offered, it only had security patches. The PPAPI version for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers aligned with Windows OS and MacOS updates. Adobe Systems said the update is offered to Linux users – to bolster their security.

Adobe Flash Player is a free-to-use graphics and multimedia software, with a plug-in version that’s used for both audio and video streaming. It allows people to view rich content and multimedia. It’s also popular for games, animations and graphical user interfaces. It supports 3D graphics, raster graphics and embedded scripting language.

It’s also been likened to JavaScript.

Until 2012, Flash Player was available to Android Users. However, Google announced it would stop supporting Flash starting with the Android version 4.1 (also known as Jelly Bean) for HTML5.

It was also the year that browser-based Flash was no longer supported on the mobile platform. That didn’t stop some Flash and mobile users from downloading the freeware onto their devices using update archives.