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If your device is run by Android, chances are it came with Google Play Store already installed on it. But, if you’re having technical problems, you may have to delete and reinstall the app once again.   There also may be instances in which you don’t have access to the latest update. And, if you find yourself in this predicament, you can install the Play Store by doing the following things:

Figure Out The Version You Want For Your Phone

You always want to get the latest available version. However, if you’d rather have the version your phone currently has, make sure you know what the build number for it is.

Search For A Trustworthy APK Source

Most Android users will attain their APK files from APKPolice or APKMirror – they’re known for offering high-quality, trustworthy APK files. While you can get the files from another location, it’s best to stay with the reputable sites as much as possible.

Download The File

Now, downloading the file can be done one of two ways – through your tablet or smartphone or through your computer that will need to be transferred to your smartphone or tablet. Whatever way you opt for, be sure the APK file is for the version of Play Store you want.

Turn Unknown Sources Setting On

Android devices will not allow Unknown Sources to be downloaded automatically – this keeps users and apps from downloading and installing third-party files. Therefore, you’ll need to enable the setting to get your APK file to install.

Install the APK File

When you’re ready to install the APK file, you’ll need a file browser like ES File Explorer Pro, Amaze File Manager or something similar. Once the file’s been downloaded to the device, you need to open the phone to find the APK file. Hit the file and install the APK file using the provided instructions.

Turn Unknown Sources Setting Off

Once the app has been installed, go back to the location where you turned on unknown settings. Switch it off. You’re now good to go to use the Google Play Store on your device.