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Mass Effect Andromeda is the newest installment after a 10-year lull that lets players become Commander Sheppard once again. There have been several big changes to Andromeda compared with previous titles, but the two things that are still constant is the fact it’s still in the franchise, and it still has a large fan base.

When a new AAA game is released, there tends to be talk about the PC vs. console in the community. It appears that the Xbox One has the edge over the PlayStation 4 and PC gamers.

GraingerGames has a thumbnail of the Mass Effect Andromeda game with EA Access info at the top. On the info tip, it states “Play it first on Xbox One” – no explanations need to be made here. It stands to reason that Microsoft’s gaming platform will see the perks of the EA Access program and can give its users Andromeda before any others.

This coincides with the developer’s latest game policy, which lets people see game time for recent EA games on the Xbox before other competitors – Star Wars Battlefront and NFL/NHL, for example.

It appears Xbox users will attain a sneak peek to the sequel of Mass Effect 3 – a game many players were unhappy about because of how it ended. Will Andromeda be the developer’s comeback and give the ending it should have.