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The previous Build 15002 (for PC) was released a few days ago to Insiders from the Fast ring, and Microsoft has introduced new features for its Edge browser, Cortana and Windows Ink. Also, users have received a new Share experience and they’ve been given the possibility to pause updates. The new Build 15007 comes with many bug fixes, as well as new features and improvements.

The improvements that have been made to Edge browser in Build 15002 allows users to “set aside” tabs and return to them later. In Build 15007, these tabs can be shared by clicking the “Tabs you’ve set aside” button and selecting “Share tabs”. If you want to import data from a third party browser, go to Settings > Import from another browser.

Also, Cortana will help you pick up where you off if you switch to another PC. Also, Microsoft lets developers send toast notifications which show a progress indicator of the download status. In addition, the Windows Hello enrollment process has been improved and users will notice the changes when they’ll head to Settings>Accounts>Sign-in options>Windows Hello>Face recognition. The collection of emoji has received a new Rainbow flag, and using the Alt + N on PC, users are able to take a screen capture in the Snipping Tool.

When it comes to mobile improvements, in Build 15007 users are able to reset applications back to their original state by heading to Settings>System>Storage>Advanced Settings and tapping the Reset option. Also, Cortana will be used to control music playback and volume and by saying “Hey Cortana, What’s Playing?”, users will find out the name of the song that’s playing in a certain music app. Build 15007 has added web payment support, it updated device settings and it fixed a bunch of issues related to the alarm sounds, which now will start at a higher volume level, System related notification toasts will now work, the Skype Preview tile will update with an alert badge when a new message will be received, Notification Listener apps will access notifications etc.