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WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned company which recently hit 1 billion users. That’s a major considering the fact that it has even beaten Facebook’s own Messenger with no signs of slowing down its user base growth. What makes it popular for users around the world is a wide array of interesting features and the ability to run on low-spec devices.

One has the ability to make voice calls and text messages to anyone who has the app installed on their device on 2G connections and most importantly free of cost. It also offers end to end encryption which confers it the best security out there. We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to turn you from a newbie user to a more advanced one in order for you to have a better understanding of how it functions.

Broadcast List People In Group Texts

The ability to include almost everyone in a group message can turn rather stressful in some occasions as one can be forced to participate in an unwanted conversation but fear no more. WhatsApp has devised a plan in which one can send a message to multiple people without including them in an actual group with the Broadcast List function.

This enables you to deliver the same message to a large number of people without them knowing or including them in a group by simply accessing the Broadcast List from the Chats window and selecting Broadcast Lists and then New List.

Ditch The Last Seen Notification

The Last Seen function is a rather controversial one as it basically implies that you are unwillingly spying on people as it shows you the exact time of when they were last online. If you don’t want to let other people know when you have used the app last time, you can disable it.

To do so, go to your Settings menu and select Account. Under account click on Privacy and then select the Last Seen option. Lastly, select Nobody and turn WhatsApp from a spying platform to a normal messaging app.

Save Your Chat History

If you happen to change your mind and ditch your old device for a new one or if you want to store precious conversations with your significant other, WhatsApp allows you to store all of your conversations by going to the Settings menu, select Chats and then click on Chats Backup.