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Users rely a lot on Google Maps when planning their holidays. It’s an effective tool that can give accurate directions from point A to point B along with important information like estimate time of arrival. So what happens when Maps suddenly stops working on your browser? Rather than stop what you’re doing, here’s what you can do:

If you’re using Google Chrome

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser
  2. Click on the Menu icon located on the top right section
  3. Head to Settings
  4. Go further down into the screen and click Show Advanced Settings
  5. Select Content Settings located under the Privacy tab
  6. Go down to Location and tick the option Ask when a site tries to track the physical location
  7. Give permission to to access physical location
  8. Click Done

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. Type on URL bar
  3. Select the lock icon next to the URL then click More Information
  4. Select the Permissions tab
  5. Find the menu item that says Access Your Location and make sure the Allow selection is ticked

If you’re using Safari

  1. Open your Safari browser
  2. Select Preferences which is found on the top right section
  3. Select Privacy then Prompt for every website
  4. Go to Google Maps and make sure it’s your country’s version
  5. Select the icon for GPS located on the bottom
  6. Check Remember my decision and don’t ask again
  7. Click Allow

If you’re using Internet Explorer

  1. Open your Internet Explorer browser
  2. Choose Settings then Internet options
  3. Click on the Security tab then Trusted Sites then Sites
  4. Add the version of Google Maps that you are using
  5. Make sure the that the box for Require server verification for all sites in this zone is not checked
  6. Click OK

Problems can occasionally occur with products as powerful as Google Maps. Find the solution based on your browser here and see if it clears up the issue. If you’re using an iPhone, here are ways to remedy your problem.