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Samsung has released two different ads which are showcasing the new AMOLED displays. The displays are great, but we’re not sure if the company wanted to showcase the mysterious smartphone that is showing up in both ads. The handset comes with a unique design, which makes us believe that this is the upcoming Galaxy S8 that will be released in spring 2017.

Rumors regarding the Galaxy S8 have started surfacing a few months ago and this might be the first time when we see it in an ad. We should also mention that this will be the first Samsung smartphone release after the Note 7 disaster, as the phone had so many problems that the company had to even recall all units in order to fix the battery issues.

Keep in mind that the handset in the display ads could be just a stand-in rendering or other, non Galaxy S8 prototype, but the fact that Samsung has released those images makes us think that this is really the upcoming handset from the S series.

Some of the earlier rumors regarding the Galaxy S8 are matching the device seen in the ads, such as:

  • The handset has a high screen-to-body ratio, with minimal borders at the top and bottom;
  • The handset doesn’t have a home button;
  • The fingerprint sensor could be built into the display.

At the same time, since Samsung is using the new AMOLED displays on this device, there are high chances that we will see this technology on the Galaxy S8 screen. Unfortunately, we’re not yet sure if the AMOLED display will be able to support a 4K resolution, but if this will be possible, it will surely attract many potential customers.

Do you think that the device seen in the ads is the upcoming Galaxy S8?