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The Sims 4 was released in September 2014 for PC and many have wanted the game to be released for consoles. However, that idea was shut down by Lyndsay Pearson, a Sims producer, on her Twitter account. In her tweet, she said that there are no plans for producing a console version of The Sims 4 anytime in the near future.

The wording on the tweet is enough to give hope that a console edition is coming but not anytime soon. Then again, with no official confirmation with regards to when, it’s hard to be upbeat about the prospects of The Sims on consoles. It would be nice if there was concrete proof in the rumors that point to it actually happening but so far there have been none.

Some have speculated that EA has been having trouble porting the game for console devices. But if you look at Pearson’s tweet, which was sent on 27 July 2016, it’s safe to say that they haven’t been doing what the rumors are suggesting.

Another rumor that circulated was that EA was scrapping the idea of making The Sims 4 available for console devices because they were focusing efforts on the making of The Sims 5. Again, these were just rumors and nothing was confirmed.

Not having a game available on a certain device does leave out certain users but sometimes that happens with games. It’s also hard to quell excitement over something when rumors start circling the internet. It’s very easy to make up one these days and have it viral by tomorrow. That said, fans should look to official sources or at least, credible sources when they are thrust with news about something.

Despite the rumors, there has been no official confirmation of The Sims 4 being made available for PS4 and Xbox One. The last patch for this version was released on October 2016 and those who want this game to be available on consoles can stop worrying about a potential release date as it’s not going to happen, not “anytime in the near future” anyway.