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One of the most popular mobile applications available is WhatsApp, which can be installed and used on six mobile platforms, Android, BlackBerry, IOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. WhatsApp developers are constantly working the platforms, but Symbian devices tend to rarely see updates for their operating software.

For instance, Android WhatsApp users see an update nearly four times a week. Nokia Asha users, on the other hand, get an update nearly two times a month.

Users of Nokia Asha and other devices that use the Symbian S40 can rejoice though. Developers have released a WhatsApp version – the latest version is 100KB less, which means developers may be trying to optimize the size.

The released update was done to repair problems and bug that were noted in the previous WhatsApp versions for the software. Developers may also be doing some translation. The version is not available in the Nokia store yet since it’s still in BETA.

To download the STABLE WhatsApp version, you’ll need to visit the Opera Mobile Store and attain 2.12.89, which is the app’s latest version.

How To Install WhatsApp 2.12.95 On Your Nokia Asha Device

Since you can’t get the WhatsApp 2.12.95 version from the official store, you’ll need to manually download and install it from Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, you’ll have to type in your cell phone number to verify it.