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March will prove to be a very interesting month in terms of technology and new issues and Nintendo is sure not to disappoint with their new Nintendo Switch. Last year was a major one for console manufacturers as the PlayStation 4 Pro improved the segment with gaming visuals and Xbox One S brought console power to major heights.

This year however will see the likes of Nintendo launch the Switch which is expected from fans for some years now as they’ve failed with the likes of Wii U. They desperately need the Nintendo Switch to sell in huge numbers in hopes of salvation on this competitive market.

A lot of retailers are putting Nintendo’s device up for preorder despite the fact that Nintendo is yet to announce an official date of when the console will hit the shelves. An official price hasn’t been mentioned as well.

This fact has officially changed as two retailers have leaked the price of Nintendo Switch accidentally. The first leak happened in November as the Canadian part of Toys R Us listed the price of a Nintendo Switch in an online advertisement stating that it comes at approximately $299.

Another slip happened this week as Game Spot UK retailer GameSeek listed a pre-order of the device for about 198.50 pounds which is roughly around $245. Notwithstanding the pre-order, GameSeek have listed the device for ordering on March 3rd.

This price tag confirms the fact that Nintendo is not going to play in the same league as Sony and Microsoft do with their PlayStation and Xbox devices which come at around $300 and despite the different pricing, the Nintendo Switch is sure to give these two tech giants a run for their money.