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Nero 2017 Platinum HD Multimedia Suite Software is the software to opt for if you wish to create, edit, burn, convert, organize, stream, rip and play back videos and photos like professionals do. You also have some neat options to create audio CDs, DVDs and Blue-Ray Discs with it in addition to importing and playing back videos and at the same time editing them with full HD previews.

One can now save a lot of time by directly exporting individual bits of videos from longer stored video files and also add some 4K effects and templates to it such as adding subtitles by dragging and then dropping them to the playback functions.

This piece of software also lets everyone use a new Gracenote Integration option for adding and then playing back original album art for singular songs as well as an entire album. Nero has also improved its latest piece of software by adding an updated MediaHome WiFi Sync App with which one can transfer media such as photos and videos from your Android or iOS device to your PC and vice versa using only your Wi-Fi connection.

With all of these amazing functions in mind, one should immediately purchase this outstanding piece of software. Its initial price would have set you back $129.99 but Amazon is offering a sweet deal on it as it discarded 68% of it, making it available for only $44.72.

This is one of the best deals offered for a software package and the guys from Amazon haven’t stated how long it will last. Be sure you get yourself a copy as soon as you can as one does not know when this deal will end.