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Have you ever considered using WhatsApp, the popular free multi-platform messaging app? If not, there’s a reason you should. Again, it’s multi-platform, which means it’s available on devices that use Android, Windows Phone, iOS and others.

All you need an Internet connection, and you can communicate with family and friends without spending money. As long as you’re online, WhatsApp can be used to connect with anyone that also has the app installed on their smartphone.

It’s easy to download and install this instant messaging app onto your Android device. If you have an older Android version like the Éclair or Freyo, it may be time to upgrade because WhatsApp is looking to eliminate support for several smartphones, which includes these versions.

If you’ve got a fairly new Android phone, chances are you can use it right out the box after you download and install it.

WhatsApp Download and Installation Onto An Android Device

The download and installation process for WhatsApp is extremely easy. But, before you do, make sure your phone has at least 18MB of storage, as the file uses 17.89MB of space. Once you’ve made room or see that you have enough room, go to the Google Play Store and use the search bar to find WhatsApp. Hit Go. You’ll see various icons – make sure you click on the one from WhatsApp, Inc.

You’ll be taken to a download page, and you’ll need to hit install. The download will start, and the installation process will begin shortly afterward. Open the app and create your account. The program will ask for your cell phone number. Input this information in and you can begin using it.

It’s really that easy!