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If you’re an Apple iOS user, you’re probably loving this week so far. After Apple had commenced a new beta phase earlier this week, it looks like the iPhone manufacturer is back at it again with yet another beta version for its upcoming iOS 10.2.1. The current beta phase of testing is beta 4, and it’s currently being turned on all sides by Apple developers.

The update is unfortunately only open to Apple developers which can grab the build from Apple’s very own Developer Center. There are perks to being a developer, and that is getting to test new builds ahead of everyone else. With iOS 10.2.1, Apple is looking to improve on various areas of the OS such as stability, security and of course squeeze some bugfixes while they’re there.

One important thing to keep in mind is the speed at which these beta builds are being pumped out. It looks as if there isn’t much left before iOS 10.2.1 will be made available to the public. That shouldn’t be surprising at all since we’re talking about a relatively minor installment in Apple’s ongoing update process.

While iOS 10.2.1 in itself doesn’t present much room for crazy features and excitement, it paves the way for 10.3 which is presumably a little bit spicier. To elaborate on that, there are rumors going on that a new intriguing feature will be coming to 10.3. Courtesy of Sonny Dickinson which is a known Apple blog writer, the next major patch will allegedly sport Theatre Mode. While some say that this feature is a re-titled Dark Mode as it is present on Mac OS, the exact purposes and aspect of Theatre Mode aren’t yet confirmed.

It will be interesting to see what Apple is preparing for its users in the updates to come, but the first step forward is iOS 10.2.1.