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There are a plethora of features, pre-installed applications and options installed on the Android OS, but the most vital application is its Google Play Store.

Google Play Store is Android’s office store, and it appears there’s been a new release for it – 7.4.02, and it’s all about fixing the bugs and creating a stable app.

Like other apps, it’s important to keep it current to ensure smooth running. With Google Play Store, you don’t have to worry about manually downloading APK or installation files of your preferred games and apps. Go the Store, and you can install them onto your device.

More importantly, all the Google Play Store games, tools and apps are verified, meaning the risk of infecting your tablet or smartphone with malware is extremely low. If you download from a website, there’s no guarantee of that. You could download a virus that destroys your device or enables hackers to attain access to the personal information.

It’s why you should download the latest Google Play Store version – 7.4.02 – from a reputable website. Once the APK file has been downloaded onto your device, you need to click on “Unknown Sources” of the Settings and Security options and run the file to begin the process of installing the file.

Bear in mind that you could wait for Android to update the Play Store automatically, but this could take several days. If you’re not into waiting or patience isn’t a virtue for you, go ahead and manually download the file for yourself.  It’s all about what you want to do, but the most important thing is to update to the Play Store’s current version.