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If you’ve ever played an online game for long enough, you’ve probably experienced the unpleasant event of having someone report you for something you didn’t do. Online games usually have a report system where players that were wronged can submit a report which lets the game developers known what another player has done. For example, inapropriate in-game names, vulgar language in chat, cheating and other such offense can be reported and can result in the perpertrator’s account being banned.

It’s no secret that many abuse this feature and take out their frustration on a poor stranger that hasn’t done anything wrong. For this reason some people that were just minding their own business and just had the bad luck to be queued into a game with a very angry person to get banned.

This concept has taken on ridiculous proportions in the increasingly popular Clash of Clans spin-off, Clash Royale. In this game, people have been repeatedly reporting innocent players which have been banned in an alarming rate. This has become known as an exploit in Clash Royal and the community is seriously eyeing the developer for this one. Customer support is being blamed for gullably falling for cheap tricks such as photoshopping a game’s chat log.

Some people would even have others purposefully report them for  having an inapropriate name so that they may get asked by the developer to change their name. This is an exploit through which players are acquiring free name changes.

This sort of issues are incredibly detrimental to any online game, but since we’re talking about a mobile game where people are far less involved than a desktop equivalent, Clash Royale could see some drastic drops on their player count. Unless the developer gets a firm grip on the situation soon, we might see Clash Royale hit hard days.