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If you are an avid follower of Clash of Clans or love playing it, you most probably know that a month ago (December 2016), Supercell enrolled a series of patches and in-game events that featured discounts on training, units and additional bonuses for its players. This move was only scratching the surface of possibilities and getting the players a pre-glimpse of what’s coming next in 2017.

The new year has come, and Supercell made sure to stick to its promises. As of this January, the game has been updated – mostly because of its January 2017 2X Star Bonus event that was announced on the official COC Twitter account. According to them, this event will enable players to acquire two times the amount of Treasury loot whenever they win over other players in multiplayer. And while the duration of the event was not officially announced, the Star Bonus offer will supposedly be active until sometime this or next week.

So, this is certainly a great chance for every Clash of Clans player to make most of the game. And even though some players criticize Supercell for neglecting low-ranking players, the Star Bonuses were already given before the event has taken place. According to expert players of the game, this promotion has definitely made the game a lot more satisfying and fun.

If you are a CoC player, you should know that these updates from the promotion might be limited to the coming weekend only, according to one Reddit post. However, this is still a chance for you to get great discount on many items and play the game to its fullest potential. One thing that received the most positive reaction, though, was the event following the Jump Spell promotion. As said by the Redditor, this promotion would re-enable a number of Holiday Bundles that were offered to players a month ago and were received very warmly by Clash of Clans players.

While a lot of players are waiting on these amazing news, some of them choose to activate more resources via Clash of Clans hack tools. The truth is that their number is rising, but one thing is certain – not a single one can match the official announcements by Supercell as the official game developers.

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