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Android recently released the Android 5.1.1, and if you’d like to update your phone to the Lollipop, as it’s affectionately called, then you have two potential methods at your disposal.

Use The Manufacturer-Provided OTA Update

With a plethora of competition in the cell phone industry, manufacturers must constantly offer software update through over the air (OTA). People not only choose a model based on the hardware specs but also for its software updates. The simplest way to get the Android 5.1.1. Lollipop is through the OTA update. Google Nexus devices tend to get quick updates.

The majority of the big-name smartphone players will offer the update as soon as they can. There are often delays to ensure the software contains no bugs before the official rollout. If you have a Nexus phone or any manufacturer phone that has OTA capabilities, you can just wait to get the update.

Install The Update For Yourself

Many people don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to phone updates. In order to attain the upgrade, they’ll need to root their phone and install a custom ROM such as the cyanogen mod. Rooting means unlocking your phone and getting into the whole system. How do you root your phone to have the Android Lollipop?

Unlock Bootloader

There are some phones manufacturers, such as HTC and Motorola, where the phone’s bootloader must be unlocked before it can be rooted. You can find the way to do this by visiting the website of these companies. Just follow the instructions to unlock the bootloader. If you don’t need to do this, go ahead and do the rooting step.

Special Note: When you unlock the bootloader, you lose all your information. Take care to do a backup before you proceed.

How To Root The Phone

There are several methods to attain root access. It can be done by using an app such as Kingsroot, which will let you root the phone without a computer.  If this fails, you can use a universal tool such as “super one click root.” This is a software that you must have installed onto your PC. Not all phones can be rooted through these kinds of software. Make sure you find out how to learn how to root your phone.

Doing A Custom Recovery

Make sure to visit the XDA forums to get a recovery for your phone.

Custom ROM

The final step in rooting your phone. When at XDA, you’ll find an array of custom ROM. Just go through it and locate the one that’s right for you. A guide will also be available to help you to install the ROM. Flash that, and you’ll get the Lollipop update.