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Often times it seems that whenever a “top device battle” type situation emerges, people tend to ask “ok, what is Apple facing this time?”. The Mac manufacturer’s ability to remain dominant within an ever shifting market is worth recognition, as today the iPad Pro has a noteworthy competitor. Let us see if this challenger has what it takes to claim victory for its own, thus dethroning the Apple device.

Lenovo Yoga Book

First off we’re going to look at the iPad’s rival for today. The Lenovo Yoga Book comes in two different models, one bearing Windows 10 while the other features Google’s Android operating system. Today we will be focusing on the former, and pit it against Apple’s iOS powered device.

From the get go you can see that the Yoga Book is not your typical tablet. The operating system isn’t the only thing it has borrowed from Microsoft, as it also features a 2 in 1 design that reminds us of the Surface hybrids. This device comes with a keyboard you have never seen before, in the form of a huge touch sensitive pad. The pad lights up and the schematic of a keyboard is in front of you. The device can also be folded both ways and has touch pen support. If you’re looking for something incredibly thin, this is still the device for you as It can easily be confused with a regular notebook (and not the laptop kind, but the paper kind you would use in school a long time ago).

While the iPad Pro is undoubtedly a magnificent device that spells “premium” all the way, it looks like its time in the spotlight might come to an end as the Yoga Book manages to capture everything a light packing, productivity oriented person would want from a device. Also, the option to choose between Android and Windows 10 is incredibly good, further consolidating the Yoga Book as one of the top choices available.