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There’s been a new Flash Player version released – version 24 runtime application update. It’s a lightweight, superior performing application runtime. It offers users uncompromised viewing of applications, content and videos on all kinds of operating systems and devices.

Some Features Of The Flash Player 24

  • Stage 3D – This creates extremely quick, amazingly beautiful 2D and 3D games, thanks to the fully accelerated GPU rendering.
  • Better Mouse Control – Users can come up with panoramic games that use the infinite scrolling, mouse lock, relative mouse coordinates and more.
  • Concurrency – The update generates more responsive games and using the ActionScript workers.
  • Full-Screen Support – This ensures the distribution of full-screen games that come with total keyboard support for use on multiple browsers. It will include OS like Mac and Windows.
  • HD Quality Video – Users can play high-quality HD video along with industry-standards codes such as MP3, H.264 and
  • High Service Quality – This will let users become engaged with the optimized bitrate video streaming feature. It has streaming standards like progressive video, HDS and RTMP.
  • Multicore Rendering – This boost high-performance vector graphics. It shows true 1080p videos that can use the 4 CPU codes.
  • Content Protection – This will make it easier for protected premium video content to use Adobe Access. It supports an array of business models like HD rental, CDN configurations and live broadcast.

With Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR, it ensures the delivery of rich customer experiences via various digital touch points. Content can be moved easily between the browser, native operating systems and standalone applications, ensuring it reaches multiple users on the devices they are using.

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