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Google’s Play service is the place where you download most if not all of your apps and contrary to popular belief it can do way more than that. The service has made millions of book titles and movies available to immerse you in and we’ve come with some tips and tricks on how to enjoy the full Google Play experience.

Search for Movies and TV

If you have decided on what movies you want to watch go ahead and search it directly by its title rather than browsing all those complex genre categories which Google offers. In order to do so you’ll just have to tap the Google Play icon on your screen and once it opens, go to the Entertainment menu. From there just type the movie’s name and you’re all set.

Buy Movies and TV Shows

Finding yourself into the situation of being hooked on a series is one of the best feelings out there and Google is here to provide you with just that. One can choose to download a title from Google Play by tapping the Buy button. You’ll then have two options to choose from by either choosing from a SD or HD version. A payment window will appear and from there and you’ll have to select whatever form you want.

Share Your Purchases With Your Family

If you happened to buy a movie or book from Google Play you now have the ability to share it with the Family Library by sliding it directly to the Play button in the movie’s listing. Make sure beforehand that your movie is eligible for Family Library before purchasing it.

Browse Your Music

Google offers you the ability to browse music in terms of genres, popularity as well as new releases. To do so, tap the Google Play Button and then switch to Entertainment. Once you’ve done that tap on Music and you’re pretty much set to explore every song that has been produced to date.