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BioWare has just released a new teaser to their upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda game in the form of a screenshot in the wake of James Gunn’s praise about the overall franchise. James Gunn is the director of the hit movie Guardian of the Galaxy and is known to be an avid gamer and BioWare fan.

The screenshot was posted on Twitter by Aaran Flynn, the very own GM of BioWare stating that this is all due to the kind words of James Gunn as a thank you message. Gunn is not the only one who is excitingly waiting for the game to go live but millions of fans are eagerly waiting for it to hit the shelves.

James Gunn stated on Twitter that he is going to clear his entire schedule after the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie comes out somewhere in May to play Mass Effect: Andromeda. He is also claiming that he is no stranger to the series as he played the entirety of the original trilogy through its end and cannot be more hyped to see what the new one has installed for gamers.

Not only is Mass Effect a popular hit series in the gaming industry but it also appears that Gunn took some of his biggest inspiration from the hit game as stated in another post on Twitter. He also regards Farscape, Star Wars and Flash Gordon to have inspired him greatly when creating the movie.

Mass Effect is not only trying to dethrone every major gaming developer but rumor has it that they are planning to make a movie after the hit series. A long time has passed since this news was issued and it is likely for James Gunn to direct it, according to the general public.