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The Google Play Store is pretty much your sanctuary when you first get an Android smartphone. With close to no apps installed, a fresh device can feel pretty lonely. But getting a bunch of your favorite apps to join the party is one of the easiest tasks. In this article we’re going to look at how to download and further manage the applications that you want to use, as long as they’re from the Google Play Store.

Downloading apps

Downloading apps can be very satisfactory if you’re a tech savvy individual. The pure joy of picking every toy you see on the shelf and dumping it into the cart will make up for all those times you went shopping with your parents and came home empty handed.

To download an app, it’s just a matter of opening that app’s page. In the Google Play Store you will see that there are sections you can access, based on category, popularity, tops, charts, etc. Once you find the one category you are interested in exploring you can go look for your first apps to download. If you already have an app in mind, you can use the search function which should be atop the screen. This will allow you to go directly to that specific app. When you find an app you are ready to download, simply tap it to open its page then hit the Install button. After downloading data, your phone will proceed to install the app.

Managing installed and not installed apps

Downloading your apps is just the start of it. You will also have to keep an eye on them and make sure they are up to date. When a new version or patch comes out, you can navigate to the app page of each app once again. Here, you will see that the Install button has been replaced with a Update button. Just press that button and the process will carry on.