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If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground so to speak, you probably know a little about the security crisis Adobe Flash Player has been struggling with in the past couple of months. Actually, the last few months is just when the problem became extremely pronounced, as the issue stand at the root of Adobe’s very core. The technology it is build upon is old and hackers will not have remorse in using all the security backdoors Flash can provide to access sensitive data.

However, if you want to keep using Flash, you should definitely make sure that it’s updated. You can check whether or not you actually need to update Flash on your machine by checking out the Find Version page on the Adobe website. There, you will be told if you need a newer version or not.

There, you will be able to download the latest version of Flash and have it installed on your machine. The installation process is very simple and will only require you to click a couple of buttons. The installation guide should make sure you have no problem in getting this task done in due time.

To make sure that the most recent available version is currently installed on your machine, go once more to the Find Version page and check to see if the installation changes took effect. There are a couple of ways to go about this. First, try restarting your browser, and then your device. If neither solution works try going back and re-taking the steps to install the latest version from the aforementioned link.

Using Flash these days isn’t the most optimal choice, but if you so please it will be highly detrimental to also run an outdated version.