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The Android Wear 2.0 was supposed to be released last year, but Google has decided to delay it until “early February”. App developers have received emails from the search giant, who have been warned to optimize their apps for the next gen wearable devices that will run on the new OS.

Google has warned the developers that if they won’t optimize their applications, users won’t be able to search and find them in the on-watch Google Play app. This is the new addition in Android Wear 2.0, which allows users to easily find applications directly from their watch, and moreover, these apps will access the internet using cellular, WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Previously, users had to open the smartphone app in order to have access to the internet. “This means your app can continue to offer full functionality even if the paired phone is far away or turned off,” has explained Google at its I/O event that took place last year.

Android Wear 2.0 is expected to come with new input methods, as well as a revamped notification centre. Also, now, notifications will be dismissed by swiping them left or right, while other new features include messaging and fitness tracking. Google will release two new smartwatches which won’t be Google-branded like the Pixels or Nexus devices, but they will run on Android Wear 2.0 out-of-the box and will focus on the company’s artificial intelligence assistant. The larger model has the codename Angelfish and it doesn’t require to be connected to a smartphone, as it comes with built-in LTE and GPS connectivity, while the smaller model was nicknamed Swordfish and it will be paired with an Android or iOS smartphone.

Back in December, Google told The Verge in December that Android Wear 2.0 will support Android Pay on both Android and iOS.