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Problems never seem to come to an end for Microsoft, who is dealing with a new wave of complaints from users who have just installed Windows 10 cumulative update KB3213986, which took the OS version number to build 14393.693. Besides bug fixes and stability improvements, this update has brought serious issues, as batteries are not detected and the download gets stuck at certain percentages.

According to the change-log, Windows 10 cumulative update KB3213986, which was released on January 10, has:

– Improved the reliability of Groove Music playback in the background, App-V, video playback and Remote Desktop;

– Fixed an issue that caused the screen to not turn back on after a successful fingerprint authentication on a device with a screen off;

– Fixed an issue that caused only one input device to work when two similar input devices were connected to the same machine;

– Fixed an issue that prevented users from selecting multiple certificates simultaneously through the UI;

– Fixed an issue that caused the Request Control function to not work with Remote;

– Fixed a bug in the App-V Connection Group that allowed users to access pieces of functionality;

– Fixed an issue that prevented a smart card module from pairing with a contactless smart card reader;

– Fixed many issues related to Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Windows Update, Windows Kernel, Hyper-V, PCI bus drivers and many more.

But users who didn’t opt for the classic download and install have reported that the KB3213986’s download progress got stuck for hours on end, while others have complained that the battery wasn’t detected and when unplugging the laptop, they received a message saying that the battery’s remaining time is unknown. Another issue caused all apps to appear full screen size, as the system has reset into tablet mode and users had to disable it in order to be able to adjust app window size.