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Telegram just issued an update for devices which run Android and iOS about two weeks ago and added a long list of features to the table, the most important one being retracting the message within 48 hours of being sent. They are looking to become one of the top players in the messaging app market as their desktop version also received an update which offers some pretty interesting features.

The update made possible for anyone to create a theme for the app thus conferring a new look to the login and message screens. Telegram v1.0 brings some smooth animations to the table and also makes possible for users to create different designs due to customized themes.

Telegram only makes three themes available as of now, Blue Durov4, NightModeByCristineOspina and DarkbyNull. Notwithstanding the theme update that was brought to Telegram with v1.0 there are lots more to take into consideration such as new material-style animations.

The popular messaging app also announced that they will implement tools which help with the building personalized themes and also the ability to delete any messages in group and one-on-one chats. Bear in mind that this feature is possible only with recently sent messages and the same principle applies to editing as well.

Users now have the ability to pin an important chat window on top of the list in order to get notified faster of who is texting you. In order to do so right click on whomever you are chatting to and choose the “Pin on top” option.

With this update Telegram is looking to become one of the top competitors in the messaging app department but in order to do that they need to step up their game a little. This update has put them in the right direction and we can only wait and see what the future has to hold for them.