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With a brand new year ahead of us, many expect Samsung to release its usual lines of smartphones which come in a “one every year” formula. There are several lines that have proven successful and therefore have received new models yearly. Such examples are of course the Galaxy line of smartphones which is the most popular and profitable line for Samsung as well, as well as the newer Galaxy A series. The Korean manufacturer has already announced the Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship device for later this year, as well as two Galaxy A models in the form of Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 ( 2017 versions, not to be confused with previously released models).

However, it looks like we will be getting a new line of Samsung smartphones this year. For some time rumors have been hinting at a new line of high end devices and now a leak gives us information on the upcoming handsets. The phones are called the Samsung Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus. It is still pretty early to talk about many of the aspects regarding these units, but from what we know so far (which really isn’t much), we can expect some premium features to take their place on the X1 and/or X1 Plus. An example of such feature is the 4K capability, although it is arguable since 4K is becoming more and more of a norm. That being taken into consideration, maybe Samsung is just trying to get ahead of the curve and implement the technology on mid-range devices.

The only other information known about the two is that they are codenamed Project Valley and an official release date or at least announcement date is slated for either Q3 or Q4 of 2017.