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Microsoft can say they had an extraordinary 2016 as they’ve beaten their main competitor Apple in every sector possible. They are looking to do the same in 2017 as they are developing a new Surface Pro tablet series as an upgrade to the previous one.

Rumor has it that the Surface Pro 5 will hit the shelves somewhere in March and news about its specs and features have been surfacing the online media for quite some time. If it retains its main features that made the previous device so popular among users, they are set to top every chart this year as well. We’ve come up with a list of specifications and features in order to make you have a better understanding of how the next premium device from Microsoft will look like.


The Surface Pro 5 is believed to be housing the latest 7th Generation Kaby Lake chip from Intel and will have up to three variants of power, the Core M, Core i5 and Core i7. All of these variants make up for users who either want a large battery life or high performance.

The display will also be upgraded to a whopping 12.5 inch 4K screen which will be pre-loaded with 3D support at 60fps. Microsoft is believed to ditch AMOLED screens in favor of IPS touch ones. Regarding storage space, the Surface Pro 5 will have two storage variants which include the likes of 512GB and 1TB SSDs and will have Windows 10 Redmond as its OS.


The Surface Pro 5 is believed to come equipped with a new and improved Surface Pen which will sport a rechargeable battery. This battery will be charged by docking the stylus into the device. The whole assemble is said to sport a track pad and fingerprint scanner as well.

Release And Price

Some believe that the Surface Pro 5 will have a price tag of about $899 for their base model and is expected to be announced somewhere in March this year. Intel might not ready their Kaby Lake chips by the time H2 2017 starts thus Microsoft might delay their unveiling.