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Lenovo has just once their new P2 smartphone in India with a price tag of RS 16.999 and is available exclusively on Flipkart since January the 11th. The device was launched almost a year after its predecessor and has some significant upgrades. We’ve come up with a comparison in order to make you understand if it’s worth the upgrade from the old P1 or not.


Design wise, the Lenovo P2 has a clear resemblance to the P1 as its fingerprint sensor is still to be found into the home key. Lenovo’s P2 is thinner and lighter than the P1 while keeping the same layout of buttons and ports at the same time.

A noticeable difference is that the P2 has a more conventional SIM tray whilst the P1 had it placed on top of the device. Both smartphones come equipped with 5.5 inch screens but the P2 sports a super AMOLED as opposed to the P1’s IPS-LCD. Not only does an AMOLED screen improve color rendering and offers a crisper image but it also uses far less power than an IPS.


One of the biggest upgrades of the P2 is its upgrade to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 chip as opposed to the P1 which sports a Snapdragon 615 SoC. This can only mean a big upgrade in terms of performance and energy efficiency. Not only did the processor receive an upgrade but the RAM memory was also upgraded from 2GB to 4GB while the storage space retains its 32GB value.

Battery and Fingerprint Sensor

The Lenovo P2 received a small battery upgrade packing a whopping 5.100mAh unit as opposed to the P1’s 4.900mAh one. Qualcomm’s upgraded chip will also make the battery last a way lot longer as it has better energy efficiency. The device also sports a battery saver switch with which one can immediately switch from normal mode to battery saving just by flicking it upwards.

Another worthwhile change is the one regarding the fingerprint sensor which still retains its position within the physical home key but Lenovo added the option of storing up to five fingerprints on their P2 device as opposed to two on the P1.