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Google has recently updated its Google Play Store service to version 7.4 and it is rapidly making its way to Android devices around the world. This update can be downloaded directly from the Play Store if it does not install automatically.

Regarding its size it isn’t a large one due to the fact it mostly consists of bug fixes and minor tweaks but what is important is the fact that Google is delighting us with a few hints of what it is to come in the near future.

Google Play Store’s upcoming features such as an updated layout for “My Apps & Games” judging from the code found in this version of Google Play and additionally there is another one which gives a hint to users who will be available to group apps and games in this section according to various criteria.

This sorting can be done alphabetically, last updated, last used and by size which can make browsing the service a lot more easier as some people are using the Android OS for a couple of years and that can only mean they have a lot of content installed on their device.

Another important feature that is to be added to the Play Store is to approve Family Library purchases. This comes as a security measure as children will have to get parent’s approval if they want to make a purchase in the Play Store. This feature is somewhat available in Google Play but it does not have full functionality yet.

The final feature is being aimed at developers who will be available to see and review statistics for the last 30 days, last three months and finally last six. A developer will now have access to see in which way the reviews have change over the course of a couple of months which can prove to be fairly useful.