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The Google Play Store is one of the most important things you could have on your Android powered device. Why? Because pretty much every app you install on your device runs through the Google Play Store. When new versions come out it’s the Play Store app that you will be using to update them. In the same manner, The Play Store is also where you go to find brand new apps that might interest you or that are similar to the ones you currently have installed. Getting this app up and running on your handset is nothing complicated, so we’re presenting you a simple guide on how you can install or update the Play Store onto your smart device.

You can get the APK file for the latest version of the app from trusted websites such as APKMirror. Once you have the APK file, you can download It into your device and proceed from there. Navigate to the location on your phone where the file is, then tap it to start the installation process. Note that if you did not enable the setting on your device that lets you install third party apps, it will give you an error. You can activate this option from the settings section on your handset and there’s usually an Unkwon Sourcers check box.

The installation process is simple and after you agree to a couple of safety protocol warning the app will be installed. If you for some reason aren’t able to connect to the internet from your handset directly, you can use a computer to carry out the first steps of the guide. You can go to APK Mirror or a similar website from your PC and download the APK file, then copy it over to your phone’s memory through a USB cable or even Bluetooth transfer.