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Android devices have become the favorite targets for cyber attackers over the years and many reports are flowing each day regarding malware attacks against such devices each day on specialized forums. One of these reports revealed that Russia devised a method in which they could track Ukrainian artillery sites by hacking their soldiers’ devices.

Google on the other hand has its hands full fixing security vulnerabilities that are discovered by hackers as they’ve just terminated a serious bootmode problem which could have become devastating in terms of making everyone prone to being spied.

The vulnerability was specific to Google’s Nexus 6 lineup as it had some security breaches which were found by IBM’s X-Force. The flaw was bootmode related and had CVE-2016-8467 as its primary target. By doing this cyber attackers could remotely access the modem and hear whatever call the user was taking.

This breach of security also meant that hackers could accurately pinpoint the owner’s location via satellite information as well as place phone calls, steal information out of the device as well as changing nonvolatile items to the EFS.

Google was quick to patch this issue in November for the Nexus 6 and respectively January for the Nexus 6P before publicly announcing that this happened. Other Android devices will not receive these updates so fast and before you start panicking, do know that malware can be present on your PC as well.

The guys from IBM stated that this issue only affected Google’s Nexus 6 lineup without revealing any more information about the matter at hand. We do hope that other devices will not be as vulnerable as Google’s Nexus 6 series was and if that is not the case, smartphone manufacturers will most likely patch the breach in no time before it will be made public.