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New and exciting but at the same time spooky treats are in for The Sims 4 fans this month. The guys from Electronic Arts have just announced that their new DLC will be entitled “The Sims 4: Vampires”. The popular simulation game will feature vampires as players will continue to control their character’s life as a creature of the night.

An official announcement on the Sims website stated that vampires will have slightly different needs than their human counterparts which include the likes of getting a lot of sleep, gaining supernatural powers as well as consuming enough Plasma to get them through the night.

It seems that EA game developers will introduce two vampire forms, that of Dark and Regular. Both forms will be made available and players will have the option of switching between them as they both come with different sets of abilities and perform special moves.

Such powers include the likes of turning a normal Sim character into a vampire, super speed and interesting hypnotism ability. These powers come at a fairly high price as vampires will have a high sensitivity to sunlight.

Not only will vampires make their appearance but the new DLC will also add a new destination world entitled “Forgotten Hollow” which is the go-to zone when it comes to paranormal activities. This world is made up of five playable lots and a plaza area which include spooky decorations and even the infamous vampire Vlad.

EA has scheduled this DLC to be release on January the 24th and players could not be more eager to try out the new spooky side of the popular simulator game.