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Almost two years ago, Rockstar had abandoned GTA 5 DLC updates on Xbox 360 and PS3 but not on GTA 5 Online DLC. Grand Theft Auto Online fans were treated with the roll out of a brand new adversary mode which was Vehicle Vendetta.

There are also reports that extra in-game cash in-mode will be given away by the game developer and so is a Liberty City map to become available soon. In line with the roll out, rumors say that the unlocking of a new Pegassi FCR 1000 motorbike comes with Vehicle Vendetta. On top of this, there will also be several boosts, so to speak, which include rockets, bombs, guns and vehicle transformations.

Moreover, the discounts and bonuses for players which were offered in January 3 will run up to January 16 and despite the added 25 percent on the in-game cash on Vehicle Exports, there is a 50 percent cut from the Grenade and 25 percent on Special Warehouses.

Also, Beast can now transform players into the Rhino Tank while Detonators are able to remove obstacles from the arena. Conversely, GTA DLC Online players have the chance to purchase masks with a reduction in cost of 25 percent. The same is to be expected on upgrades on throwables, ammunitions and body armor, engine performance and explosive weapons.

With regards to the Liberty City map, modders are said to already working on it since the release of GTA 5. This is a recreation to the Los Santos area from GTA IV. Dubbed as OpenIV, the modding team is planning to add Liberty City without having an impact on the map and the said city might be situated right across the ocean of the area.

A report late last year of the free import and export of DLC cars was released and now with the roll out updates, fans are just ecstatic about the news but looks forward to a GTA 5 Online DLC release.