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The popular augmented-reality location-based mobile game that’s played all over the world is banned in China due to potential security and safety risks, as according to China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association, it’s a “threat to geographical information security and the threat to transport and the personal safety of consumers”.

The first issue, Consumer safety, is not that serious for the Chinese State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, although it’s known that in some parts of the world, the players were involved in traffic accidents, or they hurt themselves because they were not looking where they were going because their eyes were fixed on the screen. But this wasn’t a motivating factor to inspire a ban.

The second issue, the national security, is the culprit, and it’s no surprise that the Chinese government has decided to ban the game, since it’s always worries that foreign companies want to get access to more geographical data, even through games. And it’s known that Pokémon Go needs Maps app in order to work, to find and show creatures on the map, and this feature was already blocked in China a while ago.

On the other hand, the game is still very successful in the US. The second half of the Holiday event was released a week ago, and there were introduced new features such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold boxes. The players have received some first gen Pokemon and it was reported that there have been spotted Charmanders, Squirtles, and Bulbasaurs in the wild.

Also, there has been included a single-use incubator everyday, which allowed players to hatch their second gen babies and the new tracking system made it easier for players to find out where specific starter Pokemons were spawning. Overall, Pokémon Go has managed to become the highest grossing app in the UK, beating Supercell’s Clash of Clans and Clash Royale games, with 22.1 million dollars spent.