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First thing we’re going to do is get that big elephant out of the room. No, we’re not excluding Sony’s PlayStation from the 2017 console race. There would be no reason behind that, especially since the PS is currently leading across the board. Sony released a couple variations of its original PS4 console, namely the PS4 Pro and PS4 VR. With not competition at that precise step and a half above standard PS4, Sony’s latest efforts dominate the market and have seen great sale points throughout the months that they have been available. The holiday season saw Sony profiting over competitors with its newest releases.

However, that’s about to dramatically change as Microsoft and Nintendo promise to, at the very least, level the playing field once again. Both companies are preparing major releases in the form of the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Scorpio. While nothing is yet set in stone, many believe that in its current state, the formidable and updated PS4 console will still fall short in comparison with the massive potential of the two aforementioned devices.

Nintendo Switch

The new Nintendo platform is not only promising in terms of palpable features, but also an original and innovative initiative that can make Nintendo a lot of money. The concept behind this device is that it is a standard living room console that can “Switch” to a portable console running at the same performance levels. The idea of just undocking your console and continuing that hard level on the bus on the way to school or work is very appealing to most people. Switch is backed up by a compelling collection of exclusive titles such as the Mario and Legend of Zelda franchises, but also by third party titles like NBA or Skyrim. Finally giving players the means to play some mainstream games that don’t face the limitations of Wii console can make a huge difference.

Xbox Scorpio

There are still a lot of things we need to learn about the new Xbox, but it is marketed so far as the most powerful console created. The Xbox backwards compatibility feature alongside a strong exclusivity list and support for 4K, triple A games threaten to squash Switch.