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A lot of tech enthusiasts have started comparing Nintendo’s upcoming Switch with the top of the line version of Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro. Not only does it belong to a completely different category but it also serves a different purpose. We’ve come up with some arguments which will shed some light upon how it should’ve been done and what differentiates them.

Lower Specs

Rumor has it that the Nintendo Switch will have 1TFlops performance which basically means it will have a lower spec build than its competitors such as the PlayStation 4 Pro or Microsoft’s Xbox One. In terms of graphics the Switch should come equipped with a Tegra chip built on Maxwell architecture. This can only mean that the 20nm will stand absolutely no chance against Sony’s Pascal-based 16np process.

The PlayStation 4 Pro has no difficulty in delivering 4K resolution content despite the fact that it lacks 4K Blue-Ray capacity.  Nintendo lacks the juice to digest 4K content and if this proves to be possible it will drain the battery in no time and will also have a larger storage requirement.

Different Segment

Nintendo’s Switch is believed to come with a significantly lower price tag than the PS4 Pro and it is meant for lower end markets instead of the top league in which Sony is playing. This detail means that lower specs are expected to be encountered in the Switch. Unlike the PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch aims to be a pragmatic device which can be taken absolutely anywhere one might wish as opposed to the 4K monster that the PS4 Pro is.


As stated before, Nintendo aims to bring a lot of functionality to the table as opposed to delivering state of the art graphics like the PS4 does. What it lacks in power it should make up in convenience as it is a device which can be ran in both docked and undocked modes.

Notwithstanding their processing power or whether one has better graphics capabilities than the other they are meant for different segments of the market and are sure to be the best in their respective segments.