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There is no need to be sad this holiday season, as Minecraft has indeed made this a perfect time for surprises. Well, here are a few reasons for Minecraft console users to rejoice and celebrate thus far.

Basically, there are tons of goodness from Minecraft this 2017 that range from mobs to fresh status effects. The End has likewise been revamped, so you can simply visit that mysterious place after you apply the update. Hence, you could find the End Ships, End Cities, and the Elytra, which would give you a new perspective on your own world.

Here is a full changelog for you to follow.

  • Brewing. The changes would include a slot for Blaze Powder.
  • Crafting. User interface has been updated to allow crafting fireworks, which is equal to how Banners will be crafted.
  • New Blocks. These creations involve Chorus Plant, Chorus Flower, End Gateway, End Rod, Dragon Head, Purpur Block, Purpur Stairs, Purpur Pillar, and Purpur Slab.
  • New Items. Among the newest items that you can find are Chorus Fruit, Dragon’s Breath, End Crystal, Water Splash Potion, Lingering Potion, Popped Chorus Fruit, Tipped Arrow, and Potion Luck, among others.
  • New Mobs. This group includes Stray Skeleton, Husk Zombie, Shulker, Skeleton Trap Horses.
  • New Status Effects. These involve Luck and Levitation.
  • The End. There will be significant changes to it’s the End dimension, including End Ship and End Cities.

Additionally, there will be new mash-up packs, skins, and maps that can be available on each console edition. The user interface also received an overhaul in order to resemble that of Fallout’s Pip-Boy.

Likewise, some familiar landmarks, which include the Tenpenny Tower or the Capital building would be included with mutants, madmen, and ghouls of many kinds.

The said pack will be available on your own local currency. The Minecraft Console update will also come with a soundtrack that would combine familiar tunes from the Fallout series as well.